King Palm Goji Wraps

Prix de vente$2.99

Unleash the power of the superfruit with our innovative goji blunt wraps, offering a premium, all-natural smoking experience. Relish the velvety texture and slow-burning qualities that perfectly harmonize with your favorite strains. Act now – order a 4-pack of organic goji blunt wraps and Model X filter tips, and elevate your rolling game with the finest in natural wraps!


  • 4 Goji Wraps – Natural
  • 4 Model X Tips
  • Derived from the super fruit, the Goji Berry.


What are Goji berries?

As a small, red, oval-shaped fruit from the Lycium barbarum plant, goji berries offer numerous health benefits and have been a staple in Asian cultures for centuries.

Style: Natural

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