Rowll Rolling Papers

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Rowll is an all-in-one patent product, providing you with a safe way to store your smoking blends when you’re on the go, grind your herbs to perfection and finally, roll it! The Rowll’s storage case is a uniquely designed, slim and dynamic case that can turn into a funnel that will allow you an easy, spill-free rolling experience that fits perfectly in your pocket.

Available in King Slim sized papers that come packaged including a grinder plater, built-in funnel, and a tray for rolling!

Product Details:

• Designed in Israel

• Count: 32 leaves per booklet

• Including: 32 filter tips, built-in funnel, grinder plate, and a built-in tray for rolling

Size: King Size Slim
Material: Unbleached
Style: Papers+Tips

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