Yocan Torch collection

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Multi-purpose Torch Lighter

The Yocan Red Slate Torch is a multi-purpose lighter in every sense of the word.

First thing that will catch its would-be owners’ attention is its built-in tray. The Yocan Red Slate Torch is equipped with a durable alloy body (which is also the material used for the actual tray) with a removable silicone liner. This means you can roll your spliffs and assemble your joints on top of the working tray. The silicone liner also makes it a good place to cut down waxy concentrates for micro dosing during wax concentrate sessions. 

The housing of the Yocan Red Slate Torch is finished with a beautiful brushed aluminum look to give it that modern yet classy look. The removable silicone liner is transparent so as to not take away from the luster of the Yocan Red Slate Torch.

It’s definitely going to be a head-turner so make sure to have one in your next session. 

Style: Slate/ Silver

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